About Us



I am Artiom, and I have been working in academia as a research engineer in computer science for 12 years. My passion lies in conducting research and developing new technologies.

Apart from my professional life, I am also a chocolate enthusiast. However, I always found myself looking for a product that could satisfy my sweet tooth without harmful additives, be organic, and of course, delicious. That's how the idea of Fedaron chocolatewas born.

Leveraging my background in math and engineering, I have perfected the chocolate recipes down to a science. Trust me, it's absolutely delicious! Try it yourself!



We are committed to fostering a culture that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including farmers and chocolate makers, to create the highest quality chocolate. Currently, we are in the process of completing the necessary paperwork to obtain the Fair Trade Certificate.


At Fedaron, we are fully committed to sustainable practices and strive to minimize our environmental impact. By adopting organic farming practices, we maintain soil quality and reduce water pollution.


At Fedaron, we strongly believe that ingredients matter. That's why all the ingredients used in our chocolate are organic and non-GMO. We place a high value on organic origins and do not use artificial chemicals in our farming practices. We made dark chocolate delicious without any additives or flavors.

Organic cocoa liquor

Organic cocoa butter

Organic coconut sugar