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Composition of the Chocolate

We perfected the chocolate recipes down to a science for our chocolate bars and ensured that each one is packed with an explosion of flavor that will satisfy any chocolate lover's cravings.

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Fedaron History

Fedaron started as a hobby of a computer science researcher with the goal of creating a healthy, organic, and delicious dark chocolate without any additives or flavors. The rest is history!

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Archie N.Verified Buyer 07/04/23

A delight for your taste buds

Such a delicate and flavorful chocolate bar. I've tried many other 80-85% bars before from well-known producers. This one's truly different: you can feel the true chocolate flavor in a whole new level. Please keep this level.

Arman D. Verified Buyer 07/01/23

Unparalleled taste, flavor, and quality

I am a regular chocolate consumer for already several years. Fedaron is the chocolate that was a true discovery for me, as it perfectly matches all my expectations from a chocolate and, honestly, goes even beyond them.

Annie G.Verified Buyer 06/25/23

I’ve been waiting for a chocolate like this for a long time

If you appreciate dark chocolate and its cocoa health benefits, Fedaron chocolate is a must for you to try. First time I came across a dark organic chocolate that is so smooth on a bite and you can feel the natural cocoa butter taste in it.